Youth Camps

Join the fun at a Military Kids camp for school-age youth this summer. Leave behind the distractions of everyday life, and enjoy exciting activities, making friends with other youth from military families and building millions of new memories. (You may experience long download times depending upon bandwidth and connection speed.)


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Family Camps

This is your chance to get away for a fun experience with other military families. Programming emphasizes growth in relationships between family members and encourages them in their journey through reintegration. Be challenged and refreshed. This is a great time for families to make memories together and share quality time with each other. (You may experience long download times depending upon bandwidth and connection speed.)


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Last Year’s Camps

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Camps are open to all services, both active and reserve; however, geographically dispersed youth/families and those with service members in any stage of the deployment cycle will have priority. Program participation will either be no cost or at a very low cost. Travel expenses may be the responsibility of the family.

The nurturing staff and thoughtful programming will empower you to take initiative, cooperate to accomplish exciting goals, develop self-confidence and become more resilient. You'll return from camp having built new skills, an enhanced sense of what it means to live in a military family and having made lifelong friendships with a great group of your peers. All staff members have gone through training on working with military youth and families, safety, and risk management. Many camps will have a military family life consultant in attendance.


These Department of Defense Deployment Support Camps are funded through a partnership of the Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Military Community & Family Policy, Office of Family Policy/Children and Youth; the U. S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture and 22 Land Grant University 4-H Programs.


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